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Customized Strategy for Your Financial Future 

The Advanced Time Segmentation® Strategy

The Advanced Time Segmentation® Strategy

Through Advanced Time Segmentation®, the strategy groups your investments into 3 time categories:

  • Short-term  
  • Intermediate 
  • Long-term 

All components work together to provide projected cash flows for needed income and addresses inflation and risk. After identifying your goals, your time frame, and your resources, we will create a formalized written plan. Once in place, we review it at regular intervals with you and adjust as needed. We explore options designed to diversify, grow and protect your assets for your lifetime and generations to come.

Other Components of Wealth Management:  Tax and Estate Planning

As your financial assets grow, so does the level of sophistication needed to maintain and preserve it.  Therefore, we partner with your accountant and estate attorney.  If needed, we can introduce you to professionals in our community we know and trust to address important tax and legal considerations.

Insurance and Risk Management

Guarding your path to wealth accumulation is key.  As part of our evaluation of your personal strategy, we work with you to put safeguards in place to insure your assets and estate.  When an emergency happens or life plans change, you have protection in place.

Working with Women   

Due to what our firm calls the “3 D’s” — death, divorce, or disability— we have learned that women experiencing one of these life-altering events require a specialized approach to managing their assets.  Some women find themselves alone and in charge of their household finances for the first time in their lives.  Not knowing what to do (or not to do) is frightening.  Others face divorce and do not know what is needed to maintain a comfortable life after dissolution.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, our team can provide an analysis of current assets and benefits, and help identify income needs.  Aware of the stress these events bring, we work with patience and empathy to effectively guide you through the tough decisions.